After creating your Joboxx account you can start publishing and distributing your vacancy! How? Read about it here!

Step 1: Employer Brand


Your employer brand is as much as a preferred position that you, as an employer, have in the mindset of future employees. With an authentic employer's story you attract the right candidates.

Your employer brand tells potential candidates about the company culture, the values and norms in your organization. If this is in line with their expectations, they will be open to your vacancies. In addition, young talent is very sensitive to employer branding! 61% of people under the age of 40 take the company's reputation into account when choosing.


A good employer brand starts with determining the unique company values ​​and communicating with them. In addition, creating an image of what life looks like at the office is also important. This can be done by sharing photos and videos of the company!

In Joboxx we make it very easy to do this. In organizations with a strong employer brand, the average cost per hire is twice as low as in companies with a moderate employer brand.


You can upload several photos in just a few clicks, but also think of a nice tagline of your company. The most effective option is to offer an employer brand video!

Step 2: Vacancy


Your vacancy is not the only communication that your candidates get to see. Make sure that your vacancy attracts attention, is pleasant to read and attractive to respond to.

But being attractive is not enough. The vacancy must be clearly and vigorously written. People have to recognize themselves and want to get started with you. Repeat the strengths of your employer brand again. This is a crucial phase in successfully finding and recruiting talent ...


Candidates do not opt ​​for a company because of the classic business data, such as a founding date and market value. A candidate rather chooses a company because it can stand behind its mission and vision and recognize itself in it.

The vacancy must be drawn up on the basis of the AIDA model. This means that you first have to draw the attention of the candidate, then arouse the interest and create desire. If the candidate "wants" your vacancy, he or she will also take action and apply for it!

Step 3: Publish

If you have the ideal employer brand and a unique vacancy you also have to be able to bring them out. Publishing on the ideal channels is the final step to success! Find the talent you want. Do you want to receive an offer based on artificial intelligence? Which can! Big data offers an answer to your question.


To reach the right candidates you also need to use the right channels. If your vacancy does not affect the right people, your employer brand and vacancy may still be so good, then there will be no response. In addition, it is still an important element that only 50% of the active population is looking for work and only 1/3 of theme actively searching. So if you want to reach the right active and passive candidates, spreading your vacancy is just as important and even more important than the previous steps.


Joboxx works on the basis of artificial intelligence and big data. This means that we base a campaign quotation on data from previous campaigns, data on the degree of tension, the level of education and many others. By combining these data, it is possible to make an accurate proposal for your vacancy. But this is not all, this quote guarantees you a certain ratio of candidates. Do we not get this number? Simple, then you get that amount back from us. So: At Joboxx you only pay for what you actually get! Risky business? No, just big data.