Is your company far too busy to actively look for new employees, but does your team need to expand? A recruitment agency* under the arm may be the solution. But such an agency is not always a necessity even for the most busy companies, let alone the most cost-effective solution. Whether or not your company is better than one external recruiter works? Discover it soon!

* Good to know: a recruitment agency is not the same as an interim office. An interim office looks for temporary employees and does not take a percentage of the wages of the person who ultimately works for you.

Secretly weaving a safety net

Are you about to fire someone and do you want to have a replacement, but no one should know about it impending dismissal? Then publishing a vacancy is obviously not such a smart move. In such cases, a head hunter (recruiter) comes in handy. He or she will actively search for candidates who match the profile, without revealing the name of your company. An alternative is the publish your vacancy anonymously, but most people see through it quickly. Moreover, it does not benefit your employer brand.

Fish for the cream of the crop

No time for extensive selection rounds or looking for a high profile that requires an extra strict assessment? A recruiter separates the wheat from the chaff for you, so that only later top candidates knock on your door. Know that the same recruiter can sometimes pass on your ideal candidate to your competitor, if that one higher bid is doing. Through jobboards you get to see everyone who applies for your vacancy, but then they are really your candidates.

Not working with a recruitment agency?

Hiring a recruitment agency may seem like a cheap solution at first glance, but it quickly costs a fair deal and does not necessarily guarantee that you will ultimately put the best candidate to work. That's why you want your people rather recruit yourself, but does your available time harm you or are your resources rather limited? Joboxx is an easy and cheap alternative!

All the strings in your hands

With Joboxx you stick budget completely under control, and the platform does the rest. Joboxx not only distributes (and promotes, if you wish) your vacancy, but also helps you to create a powerful employer brand. With the free Applicant Tracking System you can also easily follow up and evaluate all applicants yourself. Do you hire several candidates at the same time? In contrast to recruitment agencies, the price remains the same!