If you are looking for a new workforce, your competitor is probably that too. How do you ensure that you will get to work with the top talent? By making a difference right from the start with the vacancy you publish! A nice written, creative vacancy is not only read more often, but also promotes the pleasant work culture that your company naturally boasts. Quickly discover our tips for writing a top job that generates extra responses.

1. Fall into the house with the door

In addition to your vacancy, your potential candidates still have to swim through a sea of job offers, so it is best to get straight to the point. Put keywords in it Fat (but do not exaggerate) and ask a second pair of eyes to agree with the text "skim". Does your second reader need more than a few eye stores to broadly understand your offer? Then your vacancy leaves something to be desired.

2. Honestly (preferably not) takes the longest

Be honest about what you expect from the candidate, but know that a laundry list of personal characteristics and job requirements one demotivating has an effect. Limit yourself to what is strictly necessary.

3. Clichés are so cliché

Everyone seems to be looking for an 'administrative jack-of-all-trades' that has 'no 9-to-5 attitude'. Do you have to have assistant X years of experience and stay an hour longer on Thursdays because there is always an important delivery? Just say it that way! Do you prefer to take a more original approach? Write your vacancy as "a day in the life of" or pepper them with quotes of an employee in the same or a similar position.

4. Just be yourself

Note that the tone of voice of the vacancy matches the working atmosphere within your company - humor is not a crime - and show who you are with homemade photos or artwork. Nothing is as impersonal as a stock photo!

5. Soft is not bad - on the contrary!

You see your ideal candidate in front of you of course, but remember that that candidate also has his or her wish list. So take the opportunity to highlight who you are as a company and what makes you unique. Certainly emphasize which soft skills like to reward you - after all, they are just as important as the hard skills that your competitors are so keen on.