find staff via social mediaSocial recruiting, or finding staff via social media, has been booming in recent years. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and the many other channels that are 'trending' today are therefore well-visited by both young and slightly more mature talent - and why shouldn't you benefit from that as a company? But of course one social media channel is not the other, we are happy to give you tips per channel. Prefer outsourcing? That is also possible!

Recruit through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not for nothing the most popular recruitment channel that social media have to offer. Especially the number highly educated on LinkedIn is increasing rapidly every day. Undoubtedly the biggest asset of this channel is that it immediately gives you insight into it professional network of a potential candidate and what (former) colleagues and employers have to say about him or her. Jobs can easily be published on LinkedIn via LinkedIn Jobs, but often the ROI (Return of Investment) is rather limited there, because it is mainly recruiters who keep an eye on that part of LinkedIn.

In addition, you can actively approach all profiles that are interesting for your vacancy via sponsored InMail (even if you do not have a personal connection with them). Know that recruiters apply this tactic en masse, often to the frustration of the candidates in question. That is why it is often more opportune (not to mention less intrusive) to promote your vacancy in a targeted way, so that feed of your specific target group appears. Candidates then decide for themselves whether they want to know more about your vacancy.

Find staff via Facebook

Addressing potential candidates on Facebook is first and foremost possible through one status update to post. In it you state the job title and a short accompanying text, and link to the job page of your website. If you want to work in a more targeted way, pour the vacancy into one promoted mail, carousel, video, ... and target you the message according to the characteristics and interests of your ideal candidate.

Psst ... Don't forget the pixel!

A pixel is a piece of code on your website that keeps track of who ends up on your site via Facebook. You can later see those people on Facebook retargettes, so that they might still apply for a job. You can also use the pixel to create a 'lookalike audience' and thus target a certain type of profile.

Instagram for employer branding and more

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, it is not possible on Instagram to link to your job page in a normal message. You can do it with an advertisement, but the ultimate trick is and remains ... your vacancies as part of you employer branding to pack. So alternate those funny pictures from the team building or the 'casual Fridays' with a striking image that shows that your cheerful gang needs to expand. Of course don't forget meaningful hashtags add à la #vacature #nowhiring #webdesigner #werkenbij (name of your company) and so on.

Nice and easy to find staff via social media

Posting and promoting a vacancy does not in itself have to cost a lot of money, but it does take a lot of time anyway recruiting via social media. While that is actually not necessary at all!

Discover the multichannel approach from Joboxx. In just a few clicks you publish your vacancy on all the social networks that you want (or we make a few proposals based on artificial intelligence) and you are assured that your ideal candidate will actually see your vacancy. Create an account today and discover the possibilities!