Recruit staff Today, nobody can take it for granted. Certainly not for that SMEs in full growth that for the time being only have a small budget (which cannot be invested in HR alone). Fortunately, today you don't have to depend on headhunters or expensive advertisements in newspapers and trade magazines. There are no fewer than five channels that you can use effectively for recruitment, and that only cost as much as you want to spend on it yourself. Follow along!

1. Your own website

Always publish all your vacancies on your website and know that that is the sign of choice for your company. Your site is usually the first thing candidates look for as soon as they learn about your job opening. Most companies put on their website except their vacancies also aware of them work culture in the spotlight right away 'work at 'page to make the necessary impression on potential candidates.

2. Recruit staff via jobboards

Jobboards have long been one of the most popular tools that job seekers use to find the job of their dreams, but most are quite expensive. Moreover, these types of websites unfortunately do little to nothing to promote your vacancy to the specific target group that you have in mind.

Also know that job boards are mainly visited by active job seekers, which make up only 15 percent of the jobseeker population. The remaining 85 percent are passive job seekers and rarely or never come into contact with a job board.

3. Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Via the web portal of Google Ads you enter your budget and which keywords your target group uses, and you publish short texts against payment. They then appear on a prominent place in the search results and link to your vacancy every time someone enters the relevant keywords.

4. Social recruiting

The great thing about social recruiting (social media recruitment) is that targeting makes possible. Your vacancy will then only appear for a very specific talent pool that you have defined yourself.

5. Just put everything on everything!

Can't you decide in which channel you are best investing your budget? That is not necessary at all! Finding staff is the fastest if you bet on one combination of job boards, search engine advertising, social recruiting and employer branding. After all, one method reinforces the other.

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