Together with We Are Social, Hootsuite collected figures about internet use and social media in Belgium and about which we wrote an interesting blog post and infographic. Those who are currently looking for new employees are increasingly doing this via social media. These figures can help you by forming a better picture of the online behavior of Belgians!

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1) How much% does the internet use?

Of all Belgians used no less than 94% the Internet.

Used from that

  • 85% it daily
  • 13% do it at least once a week
  • 2% it at least once a month

So you have a huge number of opportunities to recruit via the internet and thus reach your target group!

2) Some information

No fewer than 7.5 million people are active on social media. That amounts to 65% of the entire Belgian population. They use average 1.5 hours of social media a day. Take the opportunity to find the perfect talent on social media!

But what are the profiles of those 7.5 million users on those channels? Most users are between 18 and 65 years old. Let that be the target group that you are targeting to find new employees.

3) Which social media are the most successful?

Through these channels you have the greatest chance of targeted advertising and thus attracting the right candidates to work for you. So don't miss out on your chance! Use these channels and you will be well rewarded.

4) How much reach do you achieve?

Previous figures are all very nice, but what do you do with that as a company? Well, very much! Advertising on one of these channels is interesting if you see how much reach is possible. Read: how many employees can be reached.

Below you will find specific figures on how many people you can actually reach. What is stopping you now from looking for new employees via social media? Yes, nothing!


With these numbers you already have a better understanding of which channels you use best to advertise on. This way you can quickly find the right candidates or use a Smart Recruitment Tool such as Joboxx!