Where you used to have problems recruiting new people, nowadays it is added whether job seekers want to work for you. They are increasingly looking for attractive vacancies and certainly for companies where it seems cool to work there.

Search today mainly on social and not traditional media for candidates to fill your vacancies. No less than 10.86 million users are active there. The average time they spend on social media is 1 hour 31 minutes. The trick is to draw attention to your vacancy within that hour and a half and preferably have them click through on it. Difficult, but not impossible!

Ad Range

Recent research on the internet use of Hootsuite shows that via ads on LinkedIn you have the possibility to reach 3.6 million users and 7.1 million on Facebook. Do not hesitate to use Instagram too, because you can reach 3.5 million people with ads compared to 1.03 million on Twitter.

But how do you attract them? Discover it in the infographic below! Prefer plain text? Click here!

Tell them a story

The first important step is to tell an authentic story on all channels that you own. Make sure it appeals and generates interaction. Build a relationship with your followers so that they trust you more. That way you can address them at the right time to fill a vacancy.

Employer brand on point

Make sure your employer brand is in good shape. It must be clear to the visitor to your channel how great it is to not work for you. Work snaps, videos, etc. you name it. Your company gets a face where potential candidates like to belong.

The right conversations

Try to jump out of the crowd with the right message and against the right people. If you show your expertise without imposing yourself, people will automatically start to trust you. Participate in conversations in various (Facebook) groups that suit your sector.

Social referral

Your best ambassadors are still your own employees. They know perfectly how things are going in the workplace and have their own network that is all together oh so big. The power that employees have to put a company in a positive light is amazing.

Use the correct medium

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, ... They all attract a certain audience who have certain requirements to use that medium. Where you often find active job seekers via LinkedIn, this is not the case on Facebook or Instagram. Know who your target audience is and how they want to be approached per channel.