2019 has just begun and we have to prepare ourselves for what the coming 12 months will bring, what major changes should we keep in mind? Which things should we take into account in the field of recruitment?

Improve the Candidate Experience

One of the things I would invest in is Candidate Experience. In 2018, many companies made fundamental mistakes against this basic concept. A candidate expects a response within a reasonable period - there are still a lot of companies that dare to drag this week, or simply do not answer.

Put this in advance in 2019! An ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) can offer a simple answer to this. With an ATS it is possible to monitor who has applied where and when, and you keep the overview yourself. Many candidates are sensitive to these first steps towards your company and they are also very important for your Employer Branding. If candidates only have bad experiences with your company in connection with applications, you will probably notice the consequences here. Sites like Glassdoor make it very easy to give these frustrations a place on the web ...

Improving the Candidate Experience is therefore a first element to pay attention to. It is an effort that can have an effect in the short term. It can give you more recruitments and it contributes positively to your Employer Brand. Look for an ATS that fits your company! Joboxx can already offer an answer here.

Go for a positive Employer Brand

In the second place you can no longer escape Employer Branding in 2019. Every company has a brand, whether you want it or not. The best thing you can do is to ensure that your brand is positive and that you communicate about what makes your brand just as strong!

Building an Employer Brand is a long-term job and not easy. It can not be solved with software, this is something you have to work on and continue to work on. However, you can use different means to your own Employer Brand Strengthen!

Here you have several options: You can motivate your employees to share messages about your company (on social media). Matters that employees share are generally much more credible than reports from companies themselves. Another possibility is to bring your (Employer Brand) story to potential employees through social media campaigns.

Are you a company that is all about technology and is it possible to follow additional training with you? Do you also have a creative work environment and a nice team? You do not need more to make potential employees curious ...

Start today!

Are you not sure how to start this? No problem! Joboxx supports you in your Employer Brand from A to Z, would you like more information about this? Contact us today and prepare yourself for a successful 2019!