Yet the number of job seekers continues to fall ...

25,389 vacancies were reported to the VDAB in September 2018. Over the past 12 months, VDAB received no less than 280,719 vacancies. This represents an increase of 12.9% compared to September of last year.

If we look at these figures, this amounts to 25,000 new vacancies per month. This translates into 1,270 open positions per working day (20 days per month) and no less than 158 jobs per hour worked (8 hours per day)!

Every minute there are no less than 2.65 new vacancies ...

If you take these figures into consideration, you can determine that it is time for a different way of recruiting. For starters, there are not enough working job seekers to fill in all these outstanding positions. It is therefore important to extend your search to passive job seekers.

The challenge is not to find these people. Because in this mobile era it has never been easier to find someone!

What do you think there must be a system that scans the entire internet for candidates who match your searched profile?

Joboxx uses artificial intelligence to find people who match your desired profile and 'target' your ideal candidate and everyone who looks like that!

That means that in principle you can find everyone ... But now it comes hard: "How do you convince someone to want to work for you?"

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