I do not believe that robots will ever take over the work of people.

I believe that people will be able to do more and more through the convenient use of technology. But every time I go to a lecture on Artificial Intelligence, most attention goes out to the dangers and fear that man will ever be replaced or controlled by robots.

The existing applications in Artificial Intelligence are still very limited today. Prefer to call it "Advanced Automation". That sounds a lot less threatening.

Call me naive if you want, but the doom scenarios where humanity threatens to fade through super intelligent computer systems are still the exclusive domain of Science Fiction. To give an example: almost all computers exceed the computing capacity of humans. Only they cannot yet simulate real intelligence. The best AI computers today are capable of simulating the self-learning capacity of a shrimp. So it takes a while before they can copy the intelligence of a person.

But fair? I am not a math wonder. If I am confronted with a very large amount of constantly changing data and they ask me to make a well-founded forecast within the second of what will happen in the near future? I am happy that there is technology that helps me with that. This contemporary glass ball is today called Artificial Intelligence and can be used as an aid.

AI and recruit

No one disputes the fact that recruiting today is a particularly difficult and extremely complex matter. We come from a world with an oversupply of candidates where the art was to select the best candidate. That is the other way around now. The war for talent has started and you have to make your vacancy stand out among the crowd.  

Today, in addition to selecting, you also need to know where to find candidates and how to reach them. In addition, what you need to do to convince them to listen to your generous offer.

Joboxx Recruitment Technologies has the solution for: the Smart Recruitment Platform Joboxx.com. Sophia - the name of our AI - gives you advice on the distribution of your vacancy and how you can convince talents on the basis of big data in combination with your entered vacancy data. On the basis of this advice, you can of course still make your own choices.