Making a list of the best job boards is not an easy task. It can even be called an almost impossible task. But why right now? You can make all kinds of rankings, from the best football clubs to a bad hit list. And not for jobboards?  

It is not that simple for job boards. Because for each profile and each region you have other variables, one job board scores better than the other and vice versa.

That is why we developed an algorithm developed by Joboxx that can provide an answer to this question based on Big Data. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant Sophia is able to answer your specific question. Based on the data we have collected, she can tell you which job boards in your area will score best for the profile you are looking for.

But we still want to take a brief look at the different categories of job boards from which you can choose yourself or leave the choice to Sophia!

Generic jobboards

Initially you have the generic job boards. These are aimed at all vacancies. These are not target-oriented and therefore all professions and functions occur.

Jobseekers can search within the functions here, but can also filter in different ways such as company, location or a specific branch. Examples of generic job boards are Monster, and Stepstone.

Free job boards

Publishing a job on a job board often has a cost price. That is why we also mention the free boards. For Flanders this is about the VDAB, in Brussels this is Actiris and in Wallonia it is about Le Forem.

These jobboards are free of charge because they are facilitated by the government. It is possible to find the right candidate here without any costs! But for different profiles it will not be possible to find them here.

Niche or target job boards

These job boards focus on a specific target group such as digital profiles or IT specialists. The latter are easier to find on these niche jobboards than on the VDAB site, for example.

Because a niche site only focuses on one type of job, position or type of employment, it is much easier for both employers and jobseekers to find the right person, specific vacancy or assignment that meets the wishes and competences of job seekers.

Some examples of niche job boards include or Bloovi Careers, they focus on IT profiles and digital profiles.

But the job boards are getting a lot harder lately. This is due to the fact that the number of job seekers has decreased enormously. Today, only 15% of the population is actively looking for work!

Would you like to appeal to passive candidates in addition to those active candidates? Good idea! These are people who want to leave their current job for a better offer but they are not really looking yet. It is therefore important for these people to reach them in their environment. Would you like to know how you can achieve this 75%? Then read our blog: "Recruiting via social media".

Making a list of the correct jobboards of Belgium is therefore an impossible task or would be completely incorrect. Would you like to know which job boards or other channels are the best to fill in your vacancy? Sophia and the Joboxx team are happy to assist you!