It is not only about where you publish your vacancy, but about how.

Let us be clear. It is very difficult to get sufficient responses to your vacancy. But please do not make the mistake of thinking that from now on you should only post your vacancy on social media instead of on job boards. You will not be able to save it unfortunately.  

The base

For clarity, under job boards I mean both the free job sites (VDAB, Actiris, Le Forem), the generalists (Stepstone, Monster, Vacature, ...) the specialists (ICT Job, Bouwjobs, Bloovi, ...), the scrapers (Indeed) as well as the functionality within LinkedIn where you can post a vacancy. Job boards are the platforms are true candidates active looking for to a job! Today is sonly 15% of all candidates actively look for work. That pool is getting small. On the other hand 75% is interested in changing jobs if they encounter something more interesting, these are the latent candidates

You first search for active job seekers. Do not they give enough reactions? Then search through other channels to attract more candidates. Try to find candidates 'where they live'. Expand your search for those latent candidates that I have just talked about.

Where they live

We spend an average of 4 to 5 hours a day online. It should therefore not be a problem to find a channel where you can meet your candidate. You can choose from social media, general websites, video channels, podcasts, specialized trade sites or interest groups, where candidates spend their free time or update their knowledge.

Here you are meant to be candidates, That inactive are looking for to a new job. Do not make the mistake of publishing the same job on these channels as on job boards. If you want to ask the attention of a passive candidate, in his free time or during his work, then you have to tackle something else.  

"Sdo you count that someone at a café starts saying to you in an unsolicited way: "Hey, we offer ...", you do not do that either?" 

Didier Decaestecker, Manager of Joboxx

What is your message?

So think about what what you are going to publish. Publish an article about your company and what it is like to work there, which values ​​and standards are of paramount importance to you and who you yourself are as a manager. If this story is a good story and fits with what a candidate would like to find in his employer, then sooner or later that candidate will take the time to discover your vacancies. Your message must be that you are a nice company to work for!

You can finally with digital ads address this message to a very specific audience, and address them personally and tell them why you are looking for them.  

To finish, go one step further: What if you publish this story in this way on your traditional job boards. Would you receive more or fewer responses?