The digital revolution is a fact and so much has changed in the past 20 years. Previously, companies chose candidates from thick stacks of resumes and handwritten letters. Today the candidates choose the company that suits them. It is now more important than ever to propose your company, in function of the new recruitment.

Step 1: Tell who you are! Define your employer brand!

What is your 'employer brand' now? In the 'war for talent', the most sought after profiles have the choice for which company they would like to work for.

When recruiting new, candidates only apply to companies that are reputed to be good employers. They are companies where the culture is aligned with their own beliefs and personalities. A strong employer brand gives employers the opportunity to communicate their beliefs and values and find suitable candidates. So start by telling what you stand for as an organization and be the company that you claim to be. An employer brand will not work if you are not sincere!

In the dashboard you can give a description of what your organization stands for. Why do your employees think it's a nice workplace? Strengthen your story with fun photos or a video with testimonials.

"A strong 'employer brand' gives employers the opportunity to communicate their convictions and values ​​and find suitable candidates."

Step 2: A clear and attractive vacancy!

Most companies write a vacancy based on an existing vacancy with the necessary cutting and pasting. This way you may have included all the elements, but unfortunately it doesn't sound very appealing!

If you have put all that effort into formulating a recruiting employer brand, you better do that for your vacancy too! With the new recruitment, vacancies may be fun to read and you must be able to sense the atmosphere of the company. In this way you also attract the people who fit your company.

When writing the vacancy, concentrate on what role the candidate will have to play and what will be expected of him or her. In addition, it is also a good idea to state what the company's philosophy is and to which characteristics they attach great importance. You can then also state how the recruitment process will proceed and on which criteria the candidate will be assessed. Then briefly repeat what your company stands for, you cannot repeat this sufficiently!

The goal is that candidates fit your company and company culture and that they want to apply for a job with you!

Step 3: Advertise your corporate brand and vacancy where you are candidates!

Fewer and fewer candidates are actively looking for work on the traditional job sites, which requires recruiters to actively seek out candidates themselves. When recruiting new, recruiters must think like marketers. Are you looking for a Java Developer? Make sure that your employer branding is published on sites, social media and forums where Java Developers spend their time.

Then you can start by presenting your vacancies. If a candidate is convinced that you are an interesting employer, the responses will follow automatically! Targeted Advertising is the new standard. In addition to the job sites, think about Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to find the right candidates.

Step 4: Treat your candidates as customers.

The intention is that on the basis of your employer brand and your recruiting vacancy you will attract a list of candidates that can be a match.

Think carefully about how the candidate has contact with the company, this is a first test for your employer brand. Treat them as customers. It is the intention to get a good and balanced working relationship, then start immediately in the right tone.

Step 5: Do not let candidates wait too long.

We live in a time of 'instant gratification'. In the new recruiting, candidates expect a reaction faster than ever. 25% of the candidates are lost during the recruitment process because they have to make a choice at a certain moment. Decide what the next steps are and ask them if that is in line with their expectations.

Therefore, use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or recruitment software. It is no longer of this time to leave candidates in the dark about their application or to let you hear anything for a longer period of time.

Try it yourself!

  • Set up your employer brand and let candidates know why they should choose your organization!
  • Write your vacancy in a clear and recruiting way.
  • Publish your vacancy on as many channels as possible and consciously focus on the characteristics of the candidate you are looking for.
  • Think of the experience of the candidate, this is the first test for your employer brand.
  • Do not let your candidates wait unnecessarily long, we live in a time of instant gratification!

Good luck!