Meet Sophia! Sophia is the AI ​​'Talent Acquisition Robot' from 

A connection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the fear of a world in which robots replace people is erroneously established. Such a robot is not Sophia, happy. Sophia (meaning 'wisdom' in Greek) helps you as a recruiter to find better candidates in less time and for less money.

Machines can do a lot. Some can even be called 'intelligent'. They can make certain things better and faster than humans, such as data analysis and predictions. But there are also skills in which Artificial Intelligence is not yet successful. We are talking about 'intuition', 'gut feeling', 'cultural match', 'personality' and 'feeling'. Things we assign earlier to emotional intelligence.  

"Sophia helps you as a recruiter to find better candidates, in less time and for less money."

Didier Decaestecker, CEO

In talent development, we learn that people perform better and are happier if they do something for which they have talent. That's how Sophia is! Sophia is a tool, a tool that gives the recruiter the necessary computing power to recruit smarter and faster. This way, the recruiter can invest his or her time in all (more important) human elements for which recruiters do (and robots don't) have talent.

In HR, Artificial Intelligence can help everywhere. There are developments in which robots make agreements with candidates. In addition, there are chatbots that conduct first round conversations or take assessments. Our Sophia focuses on analyzing and processing large amounts of evolving data. Sophia collects all data about which channels (sites, apps, social media, groups, etc.) which profiles, with which specific properties, can be found. You can see it as an immediately available benchmark of 'best sourcing practices' of the latest successful recruitments of similar profiles.

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