GDPR D-day is already three months ago, the infamous May 25, 2018. And we can breathe back again. The world has not perished and in the meantime everything seems "business as usual" again.

But is everything business as usual? What should you do now with the details of an applicant after the recruitment process? And what if a candidate suddenly asks to be forgotten?

Just forward

Traditionally, motivation letters and CVs are forwarded, reviewed and forwarded in the recruitment process. But before you know it, your candidates' data will be on countless different computers. If this is the case, it is not so easy to delete all this data. Although GDPR does prescribe that all European passengers have the right to be forgotten. This means that an applicant can ask you to remove the personal data you have collected about him or her after a selection procedure.

But not only a candidate's request to be removed is a problem. It is also not permitted to keep data for an indefinite period unless you have received explicit permission from the candidate.

"But before you know it, your candidates' data will be on countless different computers, and if this is the case, it is not that easy to delete all these data, although GDPR does require that all European passengers have the right to forget. to become. " 

Which data?

Now you can ask the question which data are allowed and which are not. In short, these are all personal details that you have about a person. There are usually quite a lot in a recruitment process. Just think of contact details, resumes, notes, assessments, pay expectations, medical information and so on.

Often you have not asked for all this information but you still receive it and are therefore also responsible for it. GDPR also prescribes that you are responsible for the security of this information in addition to removing it at the request of the candidate or after a certain period.

Joboxx offers the solution

Since May 25, 2018 you have no choice but to comply with GDPR. You do have the choice to make it easy for yourself. For this you can choose Joboxx, this way you are 100% in line with GDPR and you can keep a better overview in your recruitment process. Joboxx is an online recruitment management tool that offers a free solution. Privacy by design and by default are taken into account at the drawing board of the software. In Joboxx candidates manage their own profile. Here they fill in their data themselves but they can easily choose to be forgotten.

Through our tool you can also save notes, reviews and attachments. This way you have a central point where these are collected. Afterwards you do not have to find where these data are. You can consult them as well as delete them via one button. As GDPR prescribes. Finally, the data is securely stored in our cloud. This way you do not need to worry about this any more. You can consult the data anywhere without a problem!

Joboxx is the smart recruitment software for modern entrepreneurs who want to improve and accelerate their recruitment process.