Literally, "assessment" means estimation and assessment. And that is exactly what companies want! Based on this assessment program, a company wants to find out if the candidate has certain talents. This is part of the application process and is often outsourced to specialized consultancy firms.

Assessments usually consist of various tests, simulations or role plays. How an assessment is structured differs per company and professional group. More and more companies are only hiring candidates after a thorough assessment, and there are good reasons for that.

Below we list a few:

Limits the "mis" hires

Assessments are used to predict the work performance and talents of employees. That is the business argument. By limiting the chance of mishires and discovering the talent of employees and making optimum use of them, you get more for your money.
Literally: for the same salary you get an average better performance in return. In (large) companies that consistently apply assessment for years, this contributes to their success.

Estimating talent

In Belgium, because of the type of positions, there is also increasing variation in performance between employees. There, the performance depends to a large extent on personal competences, intelligence and commitment. An assessment provides insight into the talents of employees so that they can optimally deploy and use them.

Increasing competition

The increasing global competition also requires that organizations no longer accept weaknesses in the organization. Everyone must perform well. And saying goodbye to a poorly performing employee is still a costly affair, much more expensive than an assessment.


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