Research shows that 80% of SMEs and recruiters do not have software for their recruitment!

Recruitment software, also called ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), aims to guide you through the recruitment process. Certain steps are automated and all reactions from candidates are neatly arranged. You compare the selection criteria in a clear way and you evaluate all candidates at a glance. Because recruitment is becoming increasingly complex. Nowadays you have to distribute your vacancies on your own website, on different job boards, on social media and the reactions continue to fall back ...

Do you also find suitable candidates difficult? Maybe recruitment software can help you?

For larger companies, Recruiting Tools are the third largest cost of recruitment. They use systems such as Recruitee, Bamboo HR or Workable, and have seen their recruitment speed, efficiency and therefore their success increase. These software are more focused on specialized HR and recruitment departments within large companies. Because of the cost of use or license fee and sometimes because of the complexity of the program, many SMEs and freelance recruiters find these solutions a size too big.

Because everyone has the right to find the right people, Joboxx Recruitment Technologies has created a recruitment platform: Joboxx.com. This is aimed at SMEs and freelance recruiters, to help them in their recruitment process. Without complexity and without those high license fees *.

* Joboxx is a free recruitment tool!