Joboxx makes recruiting easy.

Instead of publishing a job offer like before, and hoping that your ideal candidate will find your job offer and respond to it, Joboxx will turn the application proces upside down. Joboxx helps your organisation find the right candidate and makes them apply.

This model has your organisation apply with the ideal candidates to persuade them to come and work for you.

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A multichannel approach for maximum result.

By publishing your vacancy on multiple channels you reach both passive and active job seekers.

Reach them for example via Facebook, Instagram, Google and / or LinkedIn campaigns.

Joboxx can use machine learning to identify the most suitable channels for your vacancy. Our marketers then target potential candidates with the right skills or experience.

The choice is yours: publish your vacancy for free on the Joboxx platform or go for social media campaigns.

Save time and moneywith the all-in approach. 

A lot of know-how and technology is involved in new recruitment. Targeting the right people has become a mix of HR knowledge, technology but also marketing. By working together with Joboxx you can easily acquire all this knowledge.

Employer branding

Tell your story and convince candidates to choose you. Right away work-at page give your applicants a good picture of your organization and the opportunity to find out more.

Distribute job

Joboxx sets one for you digital marketing campaign to put your vacancy in the spotlight. Correct targeting combined with matching visuals and promotional texts is essential here.

Evaluate candidates

Applicants will end up in your dashboard. Evaluate them, send automatic e-mails and follow it application process within the same tool. In addition, the entire process is GDPR compliant.

Smart recruitment tool.

With Joboxx you can not only easily publish your vacancy and share it on the right channels, there is much more. Digitize your entire recruitment process with this tool.

After publishing your vacancy, the candidates apply via Joboxx and come to the tool in an orderly manner. Select the candidates you want to go through, take notes, rate ... Send messages automatically, have your vacancy text rewritten and much more!

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Vacancies are filled in faster

Improve recruitment ratios

Lower costs per hire

Measure and analyze your results

Easy sharing on job boards & social media

Joboxx is free

Show who you are as a company with your own work-at page.

Give employees a reason to work for you. Show what your company culture looks like and what you stand for as a company. This way the candidate knows directly whether he fits into your company.

Give your vacancy a boostwith customization.

Do you want that little bit more?
Joboxx offers various premium services
who contribute to the recruitment of qualitative candidates.

Employer brand consulting

Our experts help you visualize your corporate culture.

SEO & copywriting

Have your vacancy texts rewritten by experienced copywriters.


Order one or more tests easily.

Why choose Joboxx?

All-in-one recruitment tool

From vacancy to recruitment; you only need one tool. Publish and spread your vacancy and follow all candidates within the tool. Never lose the overview again.

Find candidates faster thanks to big data

Reach (latent) jobseekers thanks to machine learning and have your vacancy published on the channels where your potential talent is active.

Joboxx is GDPR compliant

Do not worry about recruiting and GDPR anymore. Joboxx is fully GDPR compliant.

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Publish your vacancytoday on Joboxx!

The use of our advanced recruitment tool is completely free. You only pay as you go like when you want to promote your job offer on premium channels such as classic job boards or through social media campaigns.

With Joboxx you can not only attract candidates faster, you can optimize and automate your entire recruitment process.

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